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Overcoming Challenges: GoodArvo Perth's Web Case Study
Overcoming Challenges: GoodArvo Perth's Web Case Study

Client: Eagle Mentality Industry: Ecommerce


In the competitive landscape of ecommerce, businesses often face challenges that hinder their online growth and success. Eagle Mentality, a prominent player in the ecommerce industry specializing in Mean Wears, approached GoodArvo Perth with several challenges impacting their web presence. In this case study, we'll explore how GoodArvo helped Eagle Mentality overcome these challenges and achieve their digital objectives.

Challenges Faced by Eagle Mentality:

  1. Outdated Website Design: Eagle Mentality's website had an outdated design that failed to reflect the brand's identity and appeal to modern consumers. The design lacked visual appeal and functionality, resulting in a poor user experience and low conversion rates.

  2. Performance Issues: The website suffered from slow loading times and performance issues, leading to high bounce rates and lost opportunities for sales. Visitors were frustrated by the sluggish performance and often abandoned the site before completing their purchases.

  3. Limited Functionality: The website lacked essential features and functionality required for a seamless ecommerce experience. It lacked advanced search capabilities, product filtering options, and interactive elements, making it challenging for users to find and purchase products efficiently.

Solution Implemented by GoodArvo:

  1. Modernized Website Design: GoodArvo revamped Eagle Mentality's website with a modern and visually appealing design that aligned with the brand's identity and resonated with its target audience. The new design featured intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and high-quality visuals to engage visitors and encourage exploration.

  2. Performance Optimization: GoodArvo conducted a thorough performance audit and implemented optimizations to improve website speed and responsiveness. They optimized images and code, leveraged browser caching, and implemented content delivery networks (CDNs) to reduce loading times and enhance overall performance.

  3. Enhanced Functionality: GoodArvo added new features and functionality to the website to enhance the ecommerce experience for users. They implemented advanced search capabilities, product filtering options, and interactive elements such as product carousels and image galleries to make it easier for users to find and purchase products.

Results Achieved:

  1. Improved User Experience: The modernized website design and performance optimizations resulted in a significantly improved user experience for visitors. Users were able to navigate the site more easily, find products quickly, and complete their purchases without encountering performance issues.

  2. Increased Conversion Rates: The enhancements made to the website led to higher conversion rates and increased sales for Eagle Mentality. The improved design, functionality, and performance encouraged more visitors to make purchases, resulting in a boost in revenue and profitability.

  3. Enhanced Brand Image: The revamped website helped Eagle Mentality enhance its brand image and credibility among customers. The modern design and seamless user experience reflected positively on the brand, leading to increased trust and loyalty among consumers.


With the assistance of GoodArvo Perth, Eagle Mentality successfully overcame the challenges affecting their web presence and achieved significant improvements in their online performance. By modernizing the website design, optimizing performance, and enhancing functionality, Eagle Mentality was able to provide a better ecommerce experience for its customers and drive growth in sales and revenue. This case study highlights the effectiveness of GoodArvo's web solutions in helping businesses overcome challenges and achieve their digital objectives.


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